Social and Service Ministries

Get Involved In Parish Life

Jubilee Society  -  a group for women of all ages who come together in an effort to better our community through various service projects.  They meet the 1st Tuesday of each month, September - May, at 6:00 PM.  They send greeting cards, sympathy, and get-well cards to parishioners to "keep in touch", bake and deliver cookies to new parish families, conduct semi-annual Bake Sales and host parish card and game parties.

Contact:  Carol Cone……………………………..574-850-4414

Elizabeth Ministry  -  a woman-to-woman mentoring group, designed to cherish the dignity and worth of all life.  Women of all ages are invited to share their joys, sorrow, and challenges of childbearing years.

Contact:  Parish Office Staff 574-255-9674

Senior Citizen Luncheons - hosted each month from September - May on the 2nd Wedesday of the month.  Volunteers are needed to assist with set-up, serving, and clean-up.

Contact:  Parish Office Staff 574-255-9674

Food For Father  -  provides fresh ingredients (fruit, veggies, fish, chicken) to the Pastor 2 days a week on Sundays and Wednesdays. Rotating schedule of volunteers -- each assigned just 3 times per year.

Contact:  Linda Zeese 574-255-9674 or

Sunday Hospitality  -  offers parishioners an opportunity to get to know fellow parishioners by coming to our gym for coffee, donuts, and good conversation after the 7:30 and 9:30 AM Masses each week.   Donations of regular or decaf coffee, orange juice, and milk are graciously accepted to support this ministry.  Volunteers are needed to pick-up donuts from Martin's on Sunday morning.

Contact:  Jen Eagers at  574-255-9674 or

Parish Hospitality  -  bakes goodies and other delicious food for parish functions such as Sacramental receptions, new parishioner luncheon, and other events as needed.

Contact:  Jen Eagers 574-255-9674 or

Busy Widows  - a social group to help widows overcome the difficulties of being alone.  They meet at local restaurants for lunch on the last Thursday of the month.  

Contact:  Carol Fortner 574-674-0925

Mary's Blue Brigade  - gather to celebrate Mass and pray the Rosary after the 8:15 AM Mass on the 3rd Monday of each month.  Afterwards, the group meets for breakfast at a local restaurant.

Contact:  Mary Jo O'Neil  574-259-0357

Parish Office Help  -  helps in sorting, stapling, stuffing and other office tasks as needed during the year.

Contact:  Laurie Haverty  574-255-9674

Prayer 'N Share  -  meets to praise and thank God for our blessings and to pray for the needs of the parish and school.  Meeting held weekly on Tuesdays after the 8:15am Mass in the Parish Library.

Contact:  Margaret Kluszynski 574-259-3988

Prayer Line  - available for the many needs of our parish families.  Any parishioner can call or email to request prayers for any purpose.

Contact:  Carol Fortner 574-674-0925 / (cell) 574-286-8328 or Dick Kemble