Registration at Queen of Peace begins each Spring with current families having the opportunity to re-enroll.  Open enrollment follows and is determined by the guidelines listed here:

  • Registered and active Queen of Peace parishioners with sibling(s) enrolled in the preceding year
  • Registered and active Queen of Peace parishioners
  • Non-parishioner families with sibling(s) enrolled in the preceding school year and who are current with their financial obligations to the school
  • Catholic families who are registered in other parishes in our diocese
  • Non-Catholic families

Kindergarten Enrollment

All families wishing to enroll a child in kindergarten are reminded that to be eligible, students must reach the age of 5 before the 1st of August.

Transfer Students

Any student seeking admittance as a transfer student will participate in an interview with the principal before registration is accepted.  All students entering as a transfer student will do so on a probationary period.  A student's full and complete admittance will be contingent upon an evaluation of their conduct and academic standing.

Necessary Paperwork

At the time of registration, all new and/or transfer students seeking admission must provide a copy of the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Physical examination form
  • Immunization records
  • Sacramental records
  • Current and/or previous year end Report Card
  • Tuition and Financial Aid forms
  • Registration Fee ($50 per child)

School Tours

Interested families are encouraged to schedule a tour of the school.  Tours of our facility can be arranged by simply contacting the office at 574-255-9674.